Xbox One controller deals are not easy to come by, especially at official retailers because stores rarely ever knock any money off. You’ll find this across the board – the Xbox One controller price stays steady, unless Microsoft sends down a discount from on high. 

There are, however, places to find competitive prices online, and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you find the best prices on Xbox One controllers. 

Here’s the thing: console deals are awesome, and you often get huge savings, but unless you buy a bundle that specifically packs in a second controller, your console will only come with one. Why only one? The main reason is that it’s cheaper that way, yet it still makes it seem like the manufacturer is cutting you some kind of deal. 

But just because you’re getting shorted a controller doesn’t mean you should go without a second one – how then would you ever play a local multiplayer game? For that reason a second controller is a crucial pick-up. So let’s see what Xbox One deals are out there.

Xbox One controllers in all colors of the rainbow! 

While black and white are the most popular choices for extra gamepads, they’re not the only options. In fact, if you really want to add a splash of color to your console, there are plenty of neat controller color schemes to do just that. 

We’ve listed them below for your perusing convenience. 

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