Whisper it quietly… it’s coming home. No, really, there’s actually a chance that football will, finally, return to its origin, draped in a heft of St George’s flags and followed by a procession of fans who have demolished all the beer offers.

However, simply just watching the greatest show on turf play out live on your TV isn’t enough these days, but thankfully there are a wealth of apps that will keep you up to date and your Three Lions passion burning every minute of every day.

We’ve selected some of our favourite World Cup related apps that will help you keep the tournament front and centre of your mind.

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 live

It’s vital that no match is missed when the World Cup comes around, and thankfully you can stream every single World Cup 2018 game live on your smartphone (or tablet) thanks to the BBC and ITV.

Stay up to date with the FIFA World Cup 2018

There are so many games throughout the World Cup that it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest information. Thankfully there are a wealth of apps offering, fixtures, results, score updates and video highlights.

Feel like you’re at the FIFA World Cup 2018

Take your World Cup watching to a new level by viewing the games in virtual reality. With a variety of camera angles and the closest you’ll get to the action without actually flying out to Russia, it’s a unique way to keep an eye on the games.

Get the results you want

Not liking the way the game is going on the TV? Then take matters into your own hands and lead your team to World Cup victory with these top football games for your phone.

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