We all know the feeling. Amazon Prime Day is less than a month away now, which usually puts us on high alert for paying more than we should for our next big tech purchase. But in all honesty, we think these new PlayStation VR bundles are at an unbeatable price right now.

Sony is currently pushing a Days of Play sale in the US and UK right now with the cheapest PlayStation VR deals we’ve ever seen. These excellent offers are only available until June 18, so we wouldn’t think on them for too long. When looking at the low prices below, consider this; the headset alone used to cost $399/£349 at launch and now you can get it with the essential camera and games from as little as $199/£199. 

While we do of course expect some excellent gaming deals on Amazon Prime Day, we don’t see them getting better than the ones below. And these prices aren’t just limited to Amazon either, so you’ve got a wider choice of retailers to choose from. One or two of the bundles might be available for the same price (or close to it) on Prime Day, but it’ll be a while until we see this many offers available at such a low price. Black Friday 2018 at the earliest. And that’s an awful long time to wait to enjoy the likes of Resident Evil 7, Wipeout Omega Collection, Skyrim VR, Doom VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and many more.

PlayStation VR bundles (USA)

PlayStation VR bundles (UK)

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