Lenovo has unveiled its own Smart Display at CES 2018, throwing its hat in the ring of new display-touting devices backed by Google Assistant. 

The Lenovo Smart Display basically looks like a tablet that tapers out to a wedge-shaped stand. It has a speaker on the side, and will rely on the built-in Google voice assistant to handle queries and commands you throw its way.

It features a Full HD display and will be available in two sizes, 8 inches and 10 inches. 

Like the Google Home, you can ask the Lenovo Smart Display questions like what’s the weather like and what your schedule looks like for the day. But like the Amazon Echo Show, this information will also be served up on a screen.

As for price, the 8-inch Lenovo Smart Display will cost $199.99 (about £150 / AU$255) while the 10-inch version costs $249.99 (about £185 / AU$320). The Amazon Echo Show, which features a 7-inch display, costs $229/£199.

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